My name is April. I am a:






Health Coach

Nutrition Nut


and...FOODIE !!

I was born and bred in Newfoundland, where I learned that you can make something from nothing. A deep respect for family, friends and all of Mother Nature's creations was deeply instilled in me from a young age.

I've been cooking for as long as I can remember. My grandmothers and mother taught me all that they knew and it was clear from an early age that I had an affinity for it. 

It started with baking and baking will always be my first love. Rolling pastry, kneading bread, mixing batters...this is the "work" that makes me happiest. 

I've also been known to be up on my soapbox all too many times in my life, "lecturing" about eating for good health.

Food is my passion. I like to eat it, but really, I find my most intense joy and satisfaction in sharing it - the product as well as the process and the reason.

I want you to know that no matter your health concern, no matter what challenges life throws at you, there IS a food to make it all better!

I believe in the power of food to heal. Broken hearts and bodies. 

I've studied psychology, biology. chemistry, physics, anaotmy, physiology, neuroscience, nutrition and ayurveda. I use them all to guide me in the kitchen and in my health coaching practise.

If you need some guidance about how to eat for an optimally healthy, active, peaceful life, send me an email. It will be my pleasure to guide you, to teach you, to coach you. 

I also share much of myself and my work on my Facebook page and Instagram square. You can find my contact links in the right-hand margin of this page.